With our strong ties to traditional Romagnola cuisine it would be impossible for us to neglect catering to food lovers’. Good food , our strong point, is inspired by local and international flavours. Our Restaurant is personally run by the owners.


Every day you will find awaiting you both at lunch and dinner, tasty fish and meat specialities, a buffet rich in fresh, local veggies. We will take you on a foodie trip that tickles your taste buds, to discover both local Riviera dishes as well as Mediterranean classics. Every week we organize theme dinners ‘characteristic Romagnola grills’ ‘Crazy Pizzas’ ‘Paella Espaina’, prepared in the huge pan for Spanish paella rice. ‘Local Piadina (unleavened bread)’ green veggies and tasty hams and creamy cheeses. Unforgettable moments for your taste buds, good food, good living.

Abbiamo pensato diverse opportunità per Te!!!